1. Gdynia Basketball Club Arka Spółka Akcyjna reserves the right not to let people enter the premises. Persons suspected of causing alert or disturbance will not be admitted.

2. Sports competitions will be played at the facility in accordance with the international regulations of ULEB and the Polish Basketball League.

3. During mass events, excluding high-risk mass events, it is allowed to sell, serve and consume alcoholic beverages containing no more than 3.5% alcohol only by entities holding the permit referred to in art. 18 (1) paragraph 4 of the Act of 26 October 1982 regarding upbringing in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism (Journal of Laws of 2007 No. 70, item 473, as amended).

4. Sale, serving and consumption of alcohol may take place only in places designated for this purpose.

5. Tickets and invitations must be presented on each notice from the security services and the organizer.

6. Gdyński Klub Koszykówki Arka Spółka Akcyjna reserves the right to not let people enter the premises who obstruct control of items brought in by representatives of the police or law enforcement.

7. Event participants are required to occupy the places indicated on the tickets and invitations.

8. Persons occupying other places than indicated on the tickets will be immediately removed by security services.

9. Filming the event by its participants is allowed by the organizer only in designated places and with his consent.

10. Commercial activities at the facility during, before and after events can be carried out only with the organizer's consent.

11. Persons causing damage and disrupting public order shall be expelled from the event and, if necessary, be held criminally and financially responsible for the damage caused.

12. The following is prohibited:
  • Bringing in and consuming alcohol and intoxicants, with the exception of beverages with alcohol content up to 3.5% permitted by the Act on the Safety of Mass Events, whose introduction is allowed by entities having the authorization referred to in art. 181 section 4 of the Act of 26 October 1982 on upbringing in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism (Journal of Laws of 2007 No. 70, item 473, as amended).
  • Bringing pyrotechnics, flammable materials, knives, weapons, glass bottles and any other items that may pose a threat.
  • Entering the court.
  • Throwing anything on the court.
  • Using vulgar and racist shouts.
  • Climbing on steel structures of the object.
  • Transitioning to other sectors of the hall.
  • The use of sound and light signals preventing the running of the match.
  • Covering information boards and organizer's ads.
  • Conducting any advertising and commercial activity without the consent of the organizer.
  • Admission to the premises of people under 13 years of age not under the care of adults, unless the Regulations for a specific event provides for this possibility due to its nature.
13. Entering the facility means automatic acceptance of the above rules and principles as well as granting consent to the consolidation and use of the image by GKK Arka SA.

14. Gdynia Basketball Club Arka Spółka Akcyjna reserves the right to remove from the facility people who do not comply with the above provisions.

15. In all matters not covered by these provisions, the final decisions are made by the Gdynia Basketball Club Arka Spółka Akcyjna.